"Helping Jews of all backgrounds to explore and enrich their Jewish Identity"

More About STAR Outreach

STAR Main Center:
149-05 79th Avenue Suite #2
Kew Gardens Hills, NY 11367

Tel: (866) 4YESHIVA  
Pager: (917) 782-STAR    Fax: ( 866 ) STARFAX

General Email: office@StarOutreach.com Rabbi Chaim Stefansky: cstefansky@StarOutreach.com
Rabbi Akiva Rutenberg: arutenberg@StarOutreach.com
Rabbi Yosef Alon: yalon@StarOutreach.com

STAR Outreach Lecturer Fact Sheet:



Rabbi Yosef Alon - Rabbi Alon is the Marah D'atra of the Kohl Yisrael Achim of Great Neck and was previously the Rav of the Kehillat Sepharadim Youth Minyan of Kew Gardens Hills. Rabbi Alon is a successful businessman, the Rav of a large kehilla, and also the Director of STAR Great Neck. His multi-talented abilities and life experience leave him well suited for the many active roles he takes in Jewish leadership. His congregants respect his integrity and no nonsense approach to building his community. He invested many long years in yeshivot and Kollel to be able to lead his people along the true path of Torah and yahadut. His "aizer kenegdo" Donna has many years experience teaching Sefaradi children and her advice and leadership is highly valued among the families of Great Neck and the Iraqi and Persian community.


About Us:

STAR Outreach is dedicated to helping Jews of all backgrounds explore their Jewish Identity.

STAR is one of the nation's largest and most successful Jewish Outreach organizations, reaching out to unaffiliated Jews to show them the beauty and relevance of our Torah heritage.

With branches in Kew Gardens Hills and Great Neck, STAR Outreach is a network of outreach professionals conducting classes, seminars, Israel trips, workshops, lectures, one-on-one study programs, yeshiva placement, anti-missionary work, community development, campus outreach, home study groups and more to provide guided growth in Torah Judaism. For more information how STAR Outreach can bring Judaism into your heart call us at (718) 263-STAR.

Our Branches:

STAR Main Center - located in Kew Gardens Hills, NY conducting outreach programming in the main neighborhoods of Central Queens.

STAR Great Neck - located in Great Neck, NY servicing the growing Sephardic population of Long Island, led by dynamic Rabbi Amir Yosef Alon.



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