Life After Life - Has modern science proven that spiritual soul exists?  Is it a scientific fact that people have an added dimension that continues to live after the physical body dies?  Marvel at the perfect agreement between what the Talmud states happens at death and what modern science has discovered 2000 years later. This objective scientific visual media presentation will give you an insight into one of the hottest mysteries facing the scientific community. 


Computer Codes of the Torah - The scientific world was shocked by a series of controlled  mathematical experiments that have demonstrated that a Supreme Being that controls the future must have written the Torah.  Explore this fascinating field of research that is a window into the mysteries locked inside our eternal Torah.  This powerful lecture explains the scientific techniques used by leading statisticians to ensure that these amazing scientific findings are for real - Sadaam Hussein, SCUD missiles, AIDS, location of lost submarine Dakar, Yasir Arafat and the peace process - all hidden for centuries in the document that contains all of the answers. 


Torah - Blueprint of Creation - This penetrating lecture analyzes recent scientific discoveries that have been found in the Torah and Talmud for thousands of years.  This presentation - complete with extensive, computer-generated visual media - highlights modern scientific advances in physics, biochemistry, physiology, mathematics and astronomy and their sources in our eternal Torah.  The Kabballah tells us that all knowledge is found in the Torah - the Master Plan of Creation.  Get a glimpse into the infinite wisdom of the Torah and see why this is true.


Shalom Bayit - See how the timeless wisdom of the Torah addresses a very modern problem - the challenge of maintaining a healthy and productive marriage in the turbulent 21st century.  What is our society with its 54% divorce rate and much higher "misery" rate doing wrong - and what does that Author of the user’s manual for life tell us to do about it?  A must for all responsible couples and those of marriageable age.


Superstition, Ayin HaRa, Mysticism, and the Occult - Is Ayin HaRa for real?  How does it function?  Delve into the world of the spirit as we probe into the secrets and mysteries of creation - and how the various mystical forces affect us. Begin to understand the world of the angels - and the forces of evil locked within the occult.


Abortion – Myth, Fact & Reality -   No opinions.  No philosophy. Just a hard cold look at medical and biological facts.  A spectacular audio-video presentation that cuts through the fog on this hot contemporary issue.


Evolution – an Expose’ -   A shocking expose that reverts the mind boggling ignorance and international information of the evolution textbook publishing industry.  Forgeries, misinterpretations, outdated information and plain simple mistakes are being force fed to our trusting school children.  This provocative lecture draws upon the evidence and opinion of the real experts to expose the hidden agenda and un-kosher tactics of the evolutionary publishers