A Woman's Prayer 


Master of the universe you created me and formed me according to your will, in order to be a helper to my husband. As it says in the Torah " It is from G-d that a woman is to a man."  Everything is from you, Almighty Blessed One.


Help me and please let me be worthy to be modest inside my house and to respect my husband very much. Let his respect be upon me and may I do all of my actions according to his word. Place him in my eyes like an officer or a king. May I go in the desires of his heart according to your will and help me to stay away from all that he dislikes, as is the path of the daughters of Israel who are holy and pure. Guard us and save us from the evil inclination  that constantly awaits in ambush to destroy our Shalom Bayit, Heaven forbid. The evil inclination tries to cause fights by disguising himself as being very concerned about a Mitzvah just for the sake of causing anger and trouble. 


Please save us so that we won't be drawn after the evil inclination.  Rather let me fulfill what it says in the Torah " She does good to her husband and no evil all the days of her life. 


Have grace upon me and teach me to be able to point out necessary things to my husband with respect and not which degradation. This way he will see my true desire to help him and not think that I'm simply complaining, Heaven forbid. This way he will hopefully also see the proper way to respond to me as well.


Help me and let me be worthy to accept points from my husband with a true heart. Please let me be worthy to believe that his true and proper criticisms are from you Almighty Blessed One -  as this will certainly be a good thing for me. 


Please help me to stay away from all potential areas of strife and to act with patience and in a pleasant fashion. Let the atmosphere in our house will be relaxed and happy. 


Grant me grace that I should be worthy to fulfill what it says in the Torah that "I should properly overlook what goes on in my house" in all  matters concerning the physical and spiritual well being of my house. Help me in maitaining the cleanliness and order of my house. Even more importantly, help me remove all of  the bad speech, lies and Lashon HaRa from my house. As our holy sages teach us "Because of the sin of Lashon HaRa, great fights are caused  inside the household."


Let me please be worthy to especially pay attention to the truth and modesty in my house in order to remove any troubles.You are the   G-d who feeds and sustains everything. Please have mercy on us and  feed us with honor and abundance from your hands that are open and full of goodness. Guard us so that we won't need the presents and loans of people who are mere flesh and blood because it is clear and known to you that their presents are few and the embarrassment is great 


Please my Merciful Father,  let me be worthy to be a kosher and appropriate woman to do the will of my husband that you graciously gave me. And Almighty please be with us all of our days on this earth and let us merit together with the entire Jewish nation to act according to  your good will in every way. Let our houses be faithful to you and please fulfill for us what the Torah says " And you will be peaceful and there will be up peace in your houses. Everything that you have shall be in peace." 


The prayers of my mouth shall be accepted by you in grace and please place the  thoughts of my heart in front of you. God, you are my rock and redeemer.


You who are the source of all blessing, please hear our prayers.