Tevilat Kelim / Immersion of Vessels


Glass & Metal objects used in food preparation must be immersed in a Mikvah , a special pool of  pure rainwater before use. This removes Tum’ah spiritual unholiness - and has nothing to do with it being used with non - kosher food. Even brand new objects must be immersed in the mikvah. If it was manufactured by a Jewish owned company [e.g. Soltam pots ] then this halacha is not required.


vHold the object very loosely so that the entire object is in contact with the water all at the same time.


vIt is OK to use a net that holds many things loosely in order to make things easier for you.


vRemove labels, sticky residue and dirt or so that nothing will “separate” any part of the  object from the water.


vAny label or residue that doesn’t bother you at all and you will probably never end up removing - is OK to leave on and isn’t a separation.


On metal objects that you use to cook or serve food the following bracha is said:


Baruch ata Ado -nai Elohainu Melech HaOlam ashare kideshanu bemitzvotav vetzivanu al tevilat kelim.


You are the source of all blessing Hashem , All -Powerful Master of the Universe  - You made us holy in your commandments & you commanded us concerning the immersion of vessels.



Locations of Local Mikva’ot for immersing articles


Mikvah of Queens

75 -48 Grand Central Parkway

Forest Hills

(718) 261-6380

Flexible hours - by appt.


Great Neck Syn. Mikvah

26 Old Mill Rd.

Great Neck

(516) 487-6100

Mikvah has combination & is open 24 hours

Mikvah Israel of Kew Gardens Hills

71-11 Vleigh Place

Kew Gardens Hills

(718) 268-6500