Mezuzot &Teffilin



ezuzot are individually hand-crafted by a specially trained scribe. It takes several  hours to make a mezuzah that keeps to the hundreds of Halachot involved. Most Mezuzot that are sold are unfortunately not kosher. This is sad because it is a constant Mitzvah & it is so east to do. Not only is it a Mitzvah , but a kosher Mezuzah protects the family against harm. Many people had tragedies , and when they checked their mezuzot they found that they weren’t kosher.



effilin are made in a process that takes  several months to complete. Realistically - it is not economically feasible to produce kosher teffilin for under than $350.00. It is tragic that people go through the time & effort of wearing teffilin to find out they lost out on this special mitzvah  for so long simply because a minor repair was neglected.  Only specially trained & qualified   G-d fearing  sofrim [scribes] with many years of experience can properly “diagnose” these holy articles.


v Mezuzot & Teffilin should be checked right away to see if they are kosher to start out.


v Mezuzot must be re - checked twice every seven years to make sure that stay kosher.


vGenerally teffilin called “p’shutot” [i.e. made out of several pieces of leather glued together] or very small teffilin are not kosher.


vMezuzot less than 3 inches tall are usually not kosher.


v Every doorway in the house - even without an actual door needs  a mezuzah [except of course disrespectful places.]


Some Local Sofrim to Purchase & Check Holy Articles 









Judaica  of Great Neck

107 Middleneck Rd.

Great Neck

(516) 482 - 4729

Mon. - Thur. 10 -6

Fri. 10 -2


Safra Judaica

141 - 24 Jewel Avenue (right off Main St.)

Kew Gardens Hills

(718) 268 - 5151

Sun. - Thur. 10 :30 -7

Fri. 10 -2

Jerusalem Sterling

73 - 11 Main St.

Kew Gardens Hills

(718) 793 - 7411

Mon. - Thur. 10 -6

Fri. 10 –2




For help & information about buying or checking Tefillin and Mezuzot, please contact Rabbi Yosef Sebrow at STAR Outreach Center - (718) 263 – STAR.