Shabbat / Crash Course in Basic Judaism

It is impossible to experience the joys of Shabbat and keep its rules without learning its holy laws. We are organizing home study classes in Shabbat and a crash course in all the basic laws which enable one to keep the basics of Judaism. For more info, please contact Rivky Muskat at (718) 850-8144.



The following is a brief checklist of the usual preparations done before Shabbat Kodesh is ushered in at candlelighting:


clean the house in honor of Shabbat

cook and prepare all of the food for the Shabbat meals


prepare a hot water urn for hot drinks (& pre-made tea essence)


open packages, cans and bottles


prepare pre-cut tissues


buy wine or grape juice for Kiddush / challa for Hamotzee


shower, cut nails (and dispose of properly), etc.


prepare clean and dignified clothing


prepare Shabbat candles or oil lights


tape over the switch to deactivate the refrigerator light


leave appropriate lighting on

    set the table nicely in honor of Shabbat (white tablecloth, etc.)


For more info on Kiddush, Candle Lighting, and how to experience the joy of Shabbat Please call R. Yosef Sebrow at the STAR office at (718) 263 -STAR.